W Bridals Curvy Couture – Wedding dress shoot

We simply love W Bridals Curvy Couture.  Not only do we love what they offer as a service in Saskatoon, but we think the world of Kim & Kayla and what they do.  It really is a family business  – even their amazing (super) mom Eduarda is involved behind the scenes.  So when they asked us to collaborate on a shoot with 2 models it was a no brainer for us.  They quickly found 2 beautiful models, assembled a cracking hair and make-up team and together we planned out the locations.  It’s so fantastic working with people that are passionate about what they do.  It radiates thru their work and shows in their professionalism.

With the models having arrived at Big Bang Hair Salon nice and early, it was time for us to start getting really excited to shoot.  It’s funny, my wife Amber and I have shot hundreds of weddings now and easily can say we’ve had over a thousand photoshoots in our career so far too…  But I still get nervous every time.  Amber teases me about that pretty much any chance she gets.  Speaking of teasing, Kim and Kayla apparently love to tease me too ha so watch out!


W Bridal Photoshoot – Lines

Kelsey and Hailey from Big Bang Hair Salon did a gorgeous job on the hair for our models Kari and Amanda.  Amanda from A to Z Make-up Artistry provided flawless make-up too.  Having some of the best professionals in Saskatoon contributing on this collaboration shoot made it so easy to take breath taking images.  The models Kari and Amanda really, truly were stunning.

W Bridal – Crystals

We started off at the store and jumped to our first location on Campus.  We were all excited and whooping it up until security came crashing down on us.  Thank goodness we had our ducks in a row and had an inside connection.  Phew!  Mostly I think it was the two models in wedding dresses that helped us get away with it.  Mental note – 2 women in wedding dresses…. it might actually be confused for a real wedding instead of a photoshoot ha!  Just saying!

Both Kari and Amanda had 2 dresses for the shoot.  As a photographer I really appreciated that.  With the change in locations it allowed a completely fresh look for each model.  With Kim and Kayla busy fussing over the fit of the dresses it just allowed me to have fun, experiment with lighting and generally work with each model to build the poses.  I still can’t believe how much work goes into making sure the dresses fit perfectly as we moved and changed angles for each photo.  As professional photographers we can’t stress how important it is to make sure the dress actually fits.  Sometimes we see brides that fall in love with a dress, only to fight it all day because the alterations or fit just aren’t quite right.  Pro tip – make sure at least 2 of your bridesmaids come with you to the final fitting.  You will lean on them all day for help and adjustments!  It’s nice to have that extra help nearby.

W Bridal – Vaulted

W Bridal – Green

So an interesting fact for you – Amanda was actually getting married in real life about 2 weeks after this shoot!  She was so comfortable in the dresses it was like we were rehearsing for her big day.  I had to ask her out of curiosity if these dresses were anything like the one she chose for her wedding day.  Turns out she had found something completely different at W Bridals.   *I just saw a photo of her today in her actual dress and she was completely “down with the gown!”


W Bridal – lines

With everyone having such a great time, somewhere along the line the two models were coined “Sister Wives”.   Not even sure where that came from, but it stuck as we wove our way around campus.  So many funny stories and laughs as everyone took turns teasing each other.  The chemistry on set amongst everyone was fantastic and Kari and Amanda simply rocked their dresses even if it meant climbing on ledges, navigating into rock gardens or standing on wobbly platforms.

W Bridal – Sister Wives


W Bridals – Jungle

W Bridal – Angles

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone involved.  It’s not every day that we have such great models, hair and make-up and least of all access to such expensive dresses.  The locations on campus proved to be worth every bit of effort in securing them.  It was a fantastic day and we can’t wait to do it again!  Here are some hilarious behind the scenes photos taken by everyone.

Kayla doing her best to hold up the Elinchrom ELB 400 and 135 Octa while we shot Amanda.

It looks like Kari was ready to go!

Thank goodness I still have hair!

Kayla doing her best to be one with nature ha!

You’ll notice both Kim and Kayla have socks on.

The crew lugging everything to the vehicles.

Not sure what you would call my kneeling stance in this photo.   Notice the piles of equipment in the lower right.  I think we were over prepared!

It’s me not you I swear!  HA!  Actually Kari was practising her facial expression for the next photo.  At least that’s what I hope happened.

Oh hi there!

More of Amanda’s gorgeous dress and hair.

Yup, balancing on 2 super wobbly chairs.  Anything for the shot.



Kevin & Amber Appl

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  1. Kimberley Camboia

    February 21st, 2017 at 7:16 am

    Absolutely amazing!! We at W Bridals love you right back and are always over-the-moon excited to work with you. 💕

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