The Lemon Tree Grunge Shoot

Every once in a while we take a step back from shooting weddings and family sessions to do some creative collaborations.  When Heather from The Lemon Tree Salon & Studio ( asked if we were interested in participating in a grunge shoot I couldn’t help but jump at the chance!  The incredibly talented and fantastic team of stylists had full creative discretion with their models and it clearly showed by how much fun everyone had.  Don’t believe me?  Check out all the hair colours on our models!

Left to right: Jaymie, Brett, Chloe, Heather, Melissa, Paige, Jaydn, Keshia & Lindsay

The concept that Heather came up with was “future grunge” and they pulled it off quite well.  The models owned the look and rocked it.  It’s worth noting that several pounds of glitter were used in the making of these photos with Keshia haha!

With a big personality and even bigger green hair to match how could the photos not look amazing of Jaymie?  It really isn’t every day that we purposely use locations that are actually quite gross, then let alone have models willing to shoot there as well.  Heather found a couple gems for us and the shoot had such great chemistry.  So, uhm, would one of you be willing to jump in that cart for a photo? It was like battle royal to see who could get in there first!

Chloe may look serious and sultry in her photos, but her quick smile and sophisticated personality maker her such a great time to work with.  I can’t even imagine how long it took the stylists to do all those highlights and complicated hair design.

Jaydn stunned us all with how much she looks like the singer SIA.  Gorgeous.  So talented and completely committed to the role of model.  The amazing thing is she could pull off this look on a daily basis!


We really would like to thank the amazing stylists at The Lemon Tree for including me in this shoot.  Heather, Brett, Paige, Lindsay and Melissa are the best!



Amber and Kevin



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