Just a few changes!

Hi everyone!

So here we are, celebrating some pretty rad changes for Amber and I at Appl Photo as 2016 winds down.  We have been doing this together for about 7 years and the one thing constant thing has always been change.  We aren’t just talking about socks and underwear here ha!  New websites, cameras, travelling adventures, the arrival of our baby boy Hudson are just a few examples.  We’ve even started messing around with video on our DSLR’s too.  Imagine that.  Our goal is to become a more rounded media production company and I think it’s finally coming together.

We have been blessed to meet and work with some pretty amazing clients thru the years.  Oh the stories we could tell – but this is a family friendly blog though haha!  Wedding day’s are always a little crazy, hectic and very condensed.  But, in truth we have become so used to the fast pace that we feel weird when things go too smoothly.  Amber usually gets to spend the mornings with the girls drinking Mimosa’s or a Starbucks while getting to know all the girls in the bridal party.  Me on the other hand, I usually get to go for breakfast with the fellas, play video games and eat cinnamon buns until it’s almost too late to get ready.  I love Mom’s for the treat’s they bake for the boys.  Let me tell you life is rough ha!

Thinking back on how all this started still makes me chuckle.  Did you know that our first date involved taking photos?  I somehow convinced Amber that it was cool for me to bring along my brand new Canon 7D along.  It must have been quite funny to her that even back then I was such a camera dork.  We went on an afternoon stroll down by the river walking, talking and taking pictures of the most random things!  Looking back at the photos I can’t help but reminisce of how exciting it all was.  1916418_198657222763_416752_n.jpgIf you ever find a partner that let’s you embrace your passion in life on your first date – do like Beyonce says and “put a ring on it!”

163839_186944077984346_4479578_n.jpg(Amber during one of our adventures).

As the two of us spent more and more time together, photography became something we started to enjoy as a couple.   From humble beginnings of sharing one camera between the two of us, to the day when we both bought new full frame cameras it’s been so much fun. 168418_186944341317653_11868_n.jpg(That’s me – one of the first days when we had that lens.  I’ve since accidentally smashed and replaced that piece of glass.)

For some reason in particular I remember the day we jumped in a vehicle on the coldest day of the winter to go exploring.  It’s much harder to shoot with mittens than I expected!  Over time as we both started to become more confident photographers we naturally began to compete a little bit over who’s photo was better. I really loved that we can push each other creatively to this day too!  It’s a friendly rivalry for bragging rights!


We really are grateful that even after having shot our first wedding about 6 years ago, to the clients we met with yesterday about booking their upcoming wedding…  our clients and friends still stay in touch with us.  Thank you isn’t a big enough expression of our gratitude and appreciation for all the support.  The future is so exciting and we hope you follow along on our adventures!


Kevin & Amber


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