Our first ever blog post!

Welcome to our very first ever blog post!  Thanks for stopping by!  We are extremely excited to be launching our brand new website and blog together.  It’s one of the many changes you’ll see with Appl Photo this coming year.  We’ve had a fantastic 2016 wedding season so far with only 1 left this year.  Appl Photo -30.jpg

Amber and I sat down recently counted, we have shot 141 weddings since we started shooting 6 years ago.  That completely blows us away.  Up until the start of 2015 we both basically had full time day jobs and managed the photography company.  Somehow we still averaged about 80,000 thousand photos per year at that point.  By the end of 2015 that number grew to just over 105,000!  We are extremely grateful for everyone who has trusted us to photograph their moments.


That was us in Mexico just before the arrival of our son Hudson.  It’s a favourite of ours. We were down there to photograph a beautiful wedding the next day for some fantastic clients.  Funny story about this photo.  I was taking maternity pictures of Amber on the beach when we had the idea to grab a shot together.  The beach was empty except for a small family of 3.  So I walked over and handed the camera to the dad and he took one shot – this one!  We got lucky!

Thank you everyone for following us all these years on our journeys and more importantly for reading our first ever blog post.


Amber and Kevin



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